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Fire Damage and Sensitive Electronics

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Cleanup in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch

   After a fire in your home, the damage from smoke, ash, soot, flames, heat and water can be overwhelming. Fires can be devastating and leave you feeling helpless.  Our professionals are experts at guiding you through the process to restore your home or business. SERVPRO of East Bradenton /Lakewood Ranch (941) 747-2333.  As you start your fire cleanup, you might discover damaged electronics. Whether your devices and equipment can be recovered depends on the situation. Some electronics fare better than others.  Factors to Consider  Many different factors come into play. Here are some things to consider when assessing the damage:  • How exposed was any circuitry or wiring? 
• Where were the devices located in relation to the fire? 
• Were they subjected to high heat? 
• Did they suffer water damage? 
• If they were exposed to water, were they plugged in at the time?  Suggestions  Unplug all of your electronics. Even if they are turned off, a small amount of power is being used while they are inactive. By unplugging them from the wall, you stop the flow of electricity completely.  After a disaster, resist the urge of trying to turn on any of your electronics. Turning them on could cause further damage. If they are recoverable, they may need to dry or be cleaned properly first. Fire cleanup should include your electronics, large and small. Smoke damage can leave an oily residue that can disrupt functions or cause an electrical short.  It is important to be able to quickly access your warranty information. There is a chance that your electronics are gone for good, but they may still be covered by a warranty.  Types  Smaller electronics tend to have a higher rate of recovery. These include personal items like tablets, cell phones, personal computers, small appliances, flash drives and external hard drives. They still need to be handled properly to increase the likelihood of a full recovery.  Fire cleanup professionals may need to handle bigger electronics. These include servers, printers, copiers and large appliances. For devices that contain valuable information, like hard drives, you might want to prioritize data recovery.  

Call The Experts For Help

  Cleaning up after a fire is an extensive project. As fire and water restoration specialists, we have the training, experience and specialized equipment necessary to restore your home or business. We are committed to providing superior service while restoring your property back to pre-fire condition. SERVPRO of East Bradenton /Lakewood Ranch (941) 747-2333.

Cleaning Up After A Fire in Bradenton

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch

When your property is subjected to fire, you will likely experience discoloration in areas such as your bathroom tiles, furniture, appliances, and walls. Other areas of your property may also be affected. Within a matter of days, the discolorations and etching can become permanent. Immediate drying and cleaning of your house lessen damage.  Fires leave behind unpleasant odors due to the smoke and soot they entail. Unfortunately, the smoky smells are resistant to removal. However, the fire and smoke damage experts from SERVPRO of East Bradenton /Lakewood Ranch have the industry leading equipment, training, and experience necessary to eradicate the odor promptly. We will use a broad range of techniques, such as deodorizing fog, to accomplish this objective. 
Take Effective Action Immediately 
There's nothing more disconcerting and disorienting than Ellenton fire damage to your residential property. While you may be inclined to despair in the face of fire, you don't have to. Instead, you should take effective action immediately to ensure that your property is restored with speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The team to call for professional, stress-free fire restoration services is SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch. Our IICRC-certified technicians, along with our participation with your insurance company, will mitigate costs and get you back home "Like it never even happened." 
We’re Fire and Water Damage Specialists
We specialize in fire and water damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We have extensive fire damage cleanup and restoration training to get your property in Ellenton, Palmetto, and Parrish back to pre-fire condition. 
Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician 
Odor Control Technician 
Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technician 
Water Damage Restoration Technician 
SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch
We proudly serve our local communities and are ready to help 24/7. Call us. (941) 747-2333

When You Have Commercial Damage Call The Experts

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Every building is susceptible to damage from a storm, and the structure that houses your business in Lakewood Ranch, FL is no exception. When the winds rage and the floodwaters rise, you need a business continuity plan to keep you up and running until you can be fully functional again. While insurance may pay for restoration professionals to repair your building, it does not guarantee your income or sustain your relationships with your customers. The following steps can help you accomplish the latter.  

1. Analyze the impact the storm damage has on your business. When flooding occurs, the first thing you need to do is identify the essential elements of your business and the resources that you need to keep them functional. Resources can include but are not limited to the following:  

• Space 
• Technology 
• Records 
• Equipment 
• Employees  

2. Project a timeline to implement your plan. Information is vital for keeping both employees and customers informed about your continuity plan. Once you have identified what needs to be done for the critical functions of your business to continue, you must decide when and how the plan will proceed.  

3. Establish your transition team. As with any new phase in a company’s development, you need a team of people to help you take it from how it functioned before the damage occurred to how it is going to operate while repairs are being made. This team helps you focus on what is necessary to keep your business going.  

4. Train your team. Your new mode of operation may be a challenge for your team. Training is important to make sure everyone understands the plan and is on the same page. It can also boost team camaraderie and help them understand strategies for recovery. 
Your commercial property’s appearance speaks volumes to your clients. So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch. 
Damage from natural disasters does not have to signal the end of the line for your business in Lakewood Ranch, FL. With a strong continuity plan and the means to implement it, you can still serve your customers during the restoration process. 
SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch (941) 747-2333 has the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

What Businesses Need To Know About Fire Restoration

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Files Related to Business are shown SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch. We offer remediation services that will get your commercial offices back in good condition

Small business owners can face many challenges as they get their companies growing, and one of them is a Lakewood Ranch commercial fire. However, learning more about how to handle fires can help you preclude your business's physical facility from going up in flames. Get the information you need regarding fires by reading the outline that appears below:

Fire Prevention
One of the best ways to prevent commercial fires in Lakewood Ranch is to develop a disaster prevention plan. This plan can work for fires as well as hurricanes, floods, and other types of natural disasters. To attain effective strategies for the procedure, it's a good idea to contact the local authorities and acquire their tips and tricks for fire prevention. One technique that should be a part of your fire prevention plan is keeping candles out of the workplace. Additionally, you should make sure that you don't overload your electrical outlines. Instead, use multiple outlines and surge protectors.

Fire Insurance
In addition to implementing sound fire prevention techniques, you need to invest in fire insurance. The majority of property insurance policies will offer some coverage when fires transpire, but they will typically not cover all the costs. For this reason, be cognizant of what your policy will cover and make sure that you attain 100% coverage. Also, review your policy each year. In most circumstances, it may be beneficial for you to add supplemental insurance. Keep in mind that the property policy can not cover some documents and valuables, so these items will need to be covered individually.

Fire Damage Recovery
Because a Lakewood Ranch commercial fire can happen at any time, it's important for your small business to have a disaster recovery plan in place. This plan should detail all the steps that will be taken following a catastrophe. The policy should also include contact information for vendors, clients, and employees. You should also be sure to list alternative locations and methods for completing business transactions.

Call SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch Immediately 
Although it's important to utilize prevention strategies to decrease your property's susceptibility to damage, there is still a chance that a fire may impact your business. For this reason, it's important that you know who to call for fast, effective fire damage restoration services. The company to call is SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch. We offer excellent, convenient remediation services that will get your commercial offices back in good condition quickly. Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today at (941) 747-2333

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch is strategically located to respond quickly to your fire emergency event. When commercial fire damage we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (941) 747-2333

It's Important To Understand Storm Damage

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

A lightning bolt is shown striking a house SERVPRO of East Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch knows how important the safety of a home is, especially during a storm. (941) 747-2333

Residents of coastal towns are more familiar than most with storms and their damaging effects. But did you know there are 4 common types of storms?

Each has unique causes and each causes its own kind of damage.

SERVPRO of East Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch knows how important the safety of a home is, especially during a storm. This blog is meant to educate readers about different types of storms - hurricanes in particular - and their damaging effects.

The 4 most common storms are:



Tropical storms

The Florida Gulf Coast is much more likely to experience a hurricane or tropical storm, or even a tornado. Hurricanes can be so strong that their effects can be felt far inland as strongly as they are on the coast. (Hurricane Sandy impacted 24 states.)

Life on the coast comes with obvious risks because of the likelihood of a hurricane, so it’s of the utmost importance to be familiar with how hurricanes cause damage.

So what are the common causes of hurricane damage?

First, there’s storm surge.
Storm surge affects the coast directly. This happens because wind pushes more and more water toward the shore with nowhere to go. Eventually, all that excess water piles up higher than the predicted tide level and shoves onto the shore and even inland. Storm surge is so powerful that it damages buildings, roads, and other structures.

Second, there are floods.

Hurricanes cause floods in two ways: storm surge and rainfall. Both can cause floods to happen across a widespread geographical area. Rainfall from hurricanes can spread farther than 100 miles from where the hurricane landed. A tropical storm doesn’t even have to be classified as a hurricane to cause widespread and destructive flooding.

Third, there’s the wind.

Hurricane wind can be as fast as anywhere between 74-155 miles per hour. This wind is fast, powerful, and destructive. Wind can knock down trees and powerlines, carry debris far and wide, and cause a domino effect of damage. Roofs can even be lifted from homes. And sometimes winds from hurricanes form separate tornadoes.
Storm damage can be far reaching and devastating, especially on the coast. There are many precautions that you can take to protect from and prevent storm damage, like adding weather-resistant features to your home. Every home, office, and vehicle should also have an emergency preparedness kit.

SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch will be prepared to respond immediately to storm and flooding conditions.   We are backed by a national system of over 1700 franchises who are ready to bring in additional resources to assist in the clean-up and restoration of your home or business in Lakewood Ranch.

Knowing What Can Be Safely Saved In Your Water Damaged Home

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning Up Water Damage in Lakewood Ranch 

If you have the misfortune of dealing with a broken pipe in Lakewood Ranch, FL your first instinct may be to get rid of any item that came in contact with water. Water in your home can cause incredible damage to your floor and sheetrock, and having to discard personal belongings may devastate you. Fortunately, with the help of dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, many of the contents of your home can be saved after broken pipes flood your home. Call SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch (941) 792-7715.  Non-Porous Items  Depending on how much flooding was caused by broken pipes in your home, you may have many items to clean. Anything that came in contact with the water should be scrubbed thoroughly, including non-porous items like the ones listed below:  • Toys 
• Appliances 
• Kitchen utensils 
• Furniture 
• Storage containers  Scrubbing these items thoroughly may reduce the number of bacteria on them, but ultrasonic cleaning may be required to completely remove all germs. This type of cleaning involves spraying water infused with microscopic bubbles onto the item. As the bubbles pop, they effectively clean each item and remove all traces of bacteria quickly and easily.  Porous Items  When you begin to clean up after you have standing water in your home, you may have the urge to discard any item that could have absorbed water. Even porous items like the ones listed below can be saved with the right care.  • Upholstered furniture 
• Bedding 
• Curtains 
• Stuffed animals 
• Clothes  The key is to have any kind of fabric that may have absorbed floodwater dry cleaned. The special process and solution that dry cleaners use can usually remove every trace of floodwater from fabric, allowing them to be fully restored.  No one wants to throw away personal belongings just because they came in contact with water from a broken pipe. Abundant moisture in your home can cause enough damage, so resist the urge to discard your sentimental belongings. With the proper care and dry cleaning, nearly anything in your home can be saved. 
As leaders in the water damage industry, we have advanced training and expertise, not to mention a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. We use this training and experience to quickly dry your home and restore it back to pre-water-damage condition. Our process includes documentation of the drying process to validate your property is dry. 
SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch

Don't Let Water Damage Turn Into A Bigger Problem

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Water Damage In Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch

There are a lot of ways water can find its way into your Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch home. Floods, leaks, broken pipes, and many other ways. Water damage is not pleasant to think about, but if you don't take care of it quickly, mold could be an even bigger problem.  If your Bradenton property has been damaged by water caused by flooding or water leaks, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to restore your property properly. SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch (941) 747-2333.Here are some tips on how to get started. 
1. It is important once you get SERVPRO on site to have them start extracting the water. Once all of the water is removed, the drying process can begin. 
2. SERVPRO can place air movers and dehumidifiers throughout the facility. It is critical to monitor the drying process each day to make sure progress is being made. After a few days of drying the equipment can be removed. 
3. After the drying is finished, SERVPRO can help replace and repair the damages. 
SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch's  water removal and cleanup process also provides validation and documentation that your property is dry.  Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility to regular IICRC industry certifications, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at anytime. SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch (941) 747-2333

Does Your Business Have the Right Insurance?

5/24/2020 (Permalink)

A room with extensive fire damage is shown with yellow caution tape If your business suffers a major loss, call (941) 747-2333.

Does Your Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch Have Enough Insurance?

Any sort of interruption is bad news for your business, but the longer a disruption lasts, the more revenue you will lose.  

Fire restoration can take longer than cleaning up after a flood or other disaster, as fires often result in three types of damage: burning, smoke damage and water damage.

As a result, if your building catches fire, you stand to lose three times what one would lose due to a flood, burst pipe or secondary smoke damage. 

SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch has the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.” To minimize monetary loss as much as possible after a fire, invest in interruption insurance.  

What Is Interruption Insurance? If you own a business in Lakewood Ranch, FL, there are three types of coverage that you should invest in, at a bare minimum:

• General liability
• Property insurance
• Business interruption insurance 

General liability and property insurance should cover losses of personal property, structural damage and injuries. However, though those expenses are bound to great, they likely won't make up a majority of your financial loss. 

Depending on how long it takes your local fire restoration team to clean up the damage and get your building back to like-new, your business may be closed for months.

Not only will you lose any revenue you could have generated during that period, but also, it will take you time to reestablish your brand with your customers, and possible additional marketing efforts. Interruption insurance can cover the loss of income suffered by the slowdown or suspension of your operations, as well as the costs of re-establishing your business post-disaster. 

Some interruption coverage policies cover extra expenses such as rent and moving fees for when businesses are forced to relocate due to the fire damage. Though not necessary, this type of coverage can significantly help after major structural damage. In general, interruption policies are good for as long as it takes for businesses to become operable again.  

A commercial fire can result in serious structural and monetary damage to any business. To minimize your damages, invest in interruption insurance. 

SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch responds quickly to your Lakewood Ranch fire, water, or mold damage emergency, 24 hours a day. (941) 747-2333.

Understanding Water Damage In Your Lakewood Ranch Home

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Call The Experts if You Have Water Damage in Your Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch Home

If you have water in your home it is important to make sure you get it taken care of as soon as possible. In many cases, if the water sits to long it can start to cause secondary damages.

Here are some tips on how to get started.

1. It is important once you get SERVPRO on site to have them start extracting the water. Once all of the water is removed, the drying process can begin.

2. SERVPRO can place air movers and dehumidifiers throughout the facility. It is critical to monitor the drying process each day to make sure progress is being made. After a few days of drying the equipment can be removed.

3. After the drying is finished, SERVPRO can help replace and repair the damages.

Our team of trained experts have the tools and equipment to mitigate damages to your home or business quickly and properly.

Water damage is one of the most common reasons people make claims on their home insurance. For a stress free claims process, SERVPRO can help manage the insurance paperwork and process.

SERVPRO of East Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch focuses on immediate response in mitigation of water damage, understanding the expenses a water damage can create if not attended to in a timely manner.

Some restoration businesses even make claims to remove all mold from a building. This is a fallacy. Mold spores occur naturally almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at anytime. SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch can answer your questions (941) 747-2333.

Here To Help During These Difficult Times

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

Kitchen/Food Areas
Retail Spaces
Water Fountains
Sales Counters
Carpets and Rugs
Stair Handrails
Elevator Cars
Playground Equipment
Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch can answer your questions (941) 747-2333.