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Fire and Odor Damage Experts

The Smoke is Sometimes Harder than the Fire DamageFire is hard to clean especially because of the smoke smell. Here are the steps we take to get your home smell... READ MORE

Protein Odor Cleaning in Memphis, FL, Home

The Unexpected Kitchen FireThis home needed to have a full cleaning after beans were burned on the stove accidentally. The smoke penetrated the walls and w... READ MORE

Outdoor Spigot is Frozen and Breaks

Freezing Temperatures Causes FloodingOutdoor spigots can cause a lot of damage if they freeze. They break easily when frozen as it did for this homeowner. Water... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damaged Kitchen in Lakewood Ranch

After a Fire the Damage can be CatastrophicWhen there is a fire there can also be water damage. The fire fighters soaked the kitchen after it started on fire. T... READ MORE

Office has Wind and Storm Damage

Storm Damaged Window Floods OfficeDamage can be done by high winds during a storm. Roofs and shingles are compromised when the wind is strong and lifts the... READ MORE

Wood Floors and Storm Damage

Wood Floors are Damaged by Storm WaterHere are a few ways you can keep your house ready for whatever nature may throw your way. Hopefully you do not have t... READ MORE

Storm Damage Can Be Fixed

"Mitigation" is the term used by insurance to lessen the damage caused by an event such as flooding or a pipe break. SERVPRO of East Bradenton / Lakewood R... READ MORE

Baseboards Covered in Mold

Black Mold Growth Along the BaseboardsWhen it comes to mold damage our technicians are certified through the IICRC, a third party company that assures homeowner... READ MORE

Is smoke considered a "fire loss"?

Sometimes a fire damage is hard to see because it is hiding in the walls. Cleaning up after a fire doesn’t always mean rebuilding and smoke cleaning.... READ MORE

What happen when your home has mold?

Mold Removal in East Manatee County, FLThere's really only one way to get rid of mold, remove any material with visible signs of growth. Although the mold was n... READ MORE